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No Cookies for Now

[Logo] does not current­ly use cookies.

Cookies are short chunks of text sent by a web­site to your web brows­ing soft­ware. As you may suspect, there are pros and cons associated with them.

Unlike a physical cookie which you pass by a num­ber of your senses and thoughts before you store it—due to the neces­sary and enjoy­able act of nature it takes to in­spect it and con­sume it—digital com­pu­ter cookies are: given to you, stored by you, and handed out to others, complete­ly unbeknownst to you.

Wikipedia has a thorough and not-bad overview of HTTP cookies. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) steers Inter­net stan­dards and docu­ments them or explains how they should be implemented.

HTTP State Management Mechanism’ is the docu­ment set­ting out the latest ver­sion of deal­ing with cookies.


No Stalking does not use track­ing mechan­isms to follow you around. The web­sites you visit are your busi­ness and does not make any ef­fort to inveigle your brows­ing hist­ory or steal it using Java­Script or by other means.

I host a number of web­sites but no effort is made to cor­rel­ate visits among them.


No Selling You Out

[Logo] does not be­lieve in sel­ling you out.

No fake or de­cep­tive off­ers in order to har­vest your name, email address, per­son­al in­for­ma­tion or per­son­al­ly iden­ti­fy­ing in­for­ma­tion so it can be sold to others.

I am not against host­ing ad­ver­tise­ments at some point, however that’s not plan­ned soon. And given my dis­like for how Java­Script is so abused, I will most likely not allow any Java­Script to be used.

Factors Currently Beyond My Control

This Web Host

The hardware my sites are hosted on is not under my con­trol. I know vague­ly where they are, but not really.

I don’t know the extent they are track­ing you and try­ing to profit from tracking you.

See the Protection section which follows below.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Likewise, your ISP is doing the same or worse, depend­ing on where you are and who you are.

See the Protection section which follows below.


Some who claim to love their religious beliefs, some people who are indif­ferent to religion, and some who hate religion will work to under­mine thus attack you.

See the Protection section which follows below.


As soon as you start to educate yourself you are under attack from those who benefit from keeping you ignorant. No matter the subject matter, drugs included.

People who have a conflict-of-interest or demand to be your superior will too easily jump to conclusions and work to make your life more difficult. Or ironically use an opposite strategy of showering you with things to distract and misdirect you.

Question: The best protection against death, disease, crime, corruption, addiction, economic and environmental disaster? Answer: Jesus! The next best answer? Legalized rugs. Wait, the rug war is over. They’ve been legal awhile now, that should’ve been: A. legalize drugs.

Please be on guard. See the Protection section which follows.

Protection does not yet offer an onion site but recom­mends Tor Browser anyway. Tor Browser is a hard­ened ver­sion of FireFox custom­ized by the Tor Project, it can be down­loaded for free (.onion); there are ver­sions for mobile de­vices too.

Additionally for mobile devices, I highly rec­om­mend using Orbot as well.

Both Tor Browser and Orbot are avail­able for mul­ti­ple oper­at­ing systems. [Logo: End.]